Orthodontics has evolved rapidly over the past few years, with more and more adults and well as children looking for their own perfect smile.

The NHS no longer pays for all orthodontic treatment and due to changes in government funding only certain people are eligible for braces on the NHS.

The guidelines specify that patients must be under 18 years old and braces can only be fitted for health, not cosmetic reasons. Young people with severe crowding, protruding or buried teeth may be eligible. There may be a waiting list for NHS treatment.

If your child is not eligible for braces on the NHS don’t despair. Our Bronze Range offers an affordable way of contributing to your child’s future success. Please click here to see details of our Bronze Range.

Bronze Range

Our Bronze Range is an affordable orthodontic solution for under 18 year olds.

You may have been told that the NHS will not fund orthodontic treatment for your child. This is because the NHS will now only pay for braces to correct the more severe orthodontic problems children face. If this is true for you, then our Bronze Range could provide just the solution, allowing your child to enjoy a perfect smile at a price that will make you happy too.

We also provide an Bronze Upgrade Range, which allows you to bolt on extras to the to suit your needs, the most popular being tooth coloured brackets.

Silver Range

metal-coloured-bracesPrivate Fixed Metal Braces

Fixed braces are available at Portlethen Dental care. these are often known as ‘train tracks’. Fixed braces offer great, reliable results. Coloured elastic bands are a popular addition for teenagers.

We uses top quality brackets for this range with an average treatment length is 12-18 months.

Gold Range

tooth-coloured-bracesPrivate fixed appliances with tooth coloured brackets.
We uses top quality brackets for this range with an average treatment length is 12-18 months.

Six Month Smiles

We also offer Six Month Smiles here at Portlethen. Click on the logo for more information.


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